Nascent - Series

est. 2022

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“Nascent alludes to the beginning of existence with signs of future potential. This series is a visual representation of the journey of our evolution. It largely expresses my individual attempt to understand the core of our existence and the impact of human connection."

- Ash Thorp


Nascent Series (Cognitive stimulation)


"Over the past decade, I've seen Ash Thorp's influence resonate deeply within the art and design community. His unwavering commitment to perfection and refusal to take shortcuts has turned him into a lighthouse of inspiration. Ash's work is always pushing the envelope, and this momentum is poignantly embodied in his latest endeavor, the Nascent series."

- Maciej Kuciara

(Director, artist and co-founder of


"I don't want to learn what an art piece means, I don't want to look at something that needs a booklet and fancy words to make me feel something. In this case, I feel happiness through the art alone. There's all the right toolmarks that speak to me more than a thousand words could. I see the film grain, the subsurface scattering spreading light inside of pill shells and deliberately placed compression artifacts filling the void. It makes me feel, see and think a million good things. That's why I love Ash's art."

- Cornelius Dämmrich

(Digital Artist) 


"The performative nature of the Nascent Series, though, is key to understanding it. The reality depicted in these works is bleak, but this is not a nihilist’s view of the world—it is a call to action to move beyond the status quo. Thorp’s mastery of his craft functions on its surface as a gateway to existential dread, to be sure, but it also points towards transcendence. The same illusionism that introduces doubt over reality can equally be read as an optimistic reaffirmation of humanity’s creative abilities. We are not doomed to the reality on offer in the Nascent Series; we can create a new one with sufficient ingenuity."

- Adam Levine

(President, Director, and CEO at the Toledo Museum of Art)


"One of the most remarkable aspects of ‘Nascent’ is the artist's adeptness in creating layered symbolism and inspiring contemplation. Thorp's intentional ambiguity prompts us to contemplate the implications of our increasingly interconnected lives."


(Director, artist, designer)


"Ash's Nascent series presents us with a query. A beautiful digital mirror. Fifteen visual cyphers. Deliberately rendered questions. Questions about our ongoing relationship with technology... Questions that we'd rather not think about.

Created in collaboration with the very same technology he asks us to examine, Ash's latest pieces reveal our modern fears and ideas of complacency, addiction, and ignorance in ways that feel almost primal. Digital in creation, and organic in design and aesthetic, the series also effectively parses the growth of artificial intelligence in our culture."

- Anthony Scott Burns, aka Pilotpriest

(Filmmaker, Director, VFX Artist, Musician)


"Thorp’s works contain the symbols of technologies past, and science fiction film lore, and a splash of steampunk. But their starkly rendered beauty would be empty shells without the larger stories of love, loss and fate that they tell. So in this sense the diptychs also warrant a comparison to the Dave McKean produced Sandman comic book covers, which set the tone and ambiance to the Neil Gaiman penned tales of love and tragedy contained within"

-Sunny Cheung                                                     

(Curator at M+, the new museum of visual culture in Hong Kong)


"Nascent Series questions western society’s understanding of happiness and its increasing addiction to the misled pursuit of that state. Especially as it relates to present day advances in technology which are (mis)shaping social norms and calling into question what it means to be human, let alone a happy one."

-Debbie Ross                                                     

(Producer and Co-Founder at Hydra Studios in Glasgow)


est. 2022

"Ash Thorp’s art is a reflection of his innermost personal dialogue. His work aims to provoke introspection, contemplation, and a deeper conversation. The intention is to present art as merely the introduction to a story for the viewer to then complete on their own. "



- Nascent Series (Cognitive stimulation)

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