Executed - 2022

Medium - Digital

00:00:24 Sec

2888 x 1440 Pixels

Edition 1



The notion that we can obtain happiness as a mere commodity through purchase and consumption is a misguided pursuit. Addicted to the chase for happiness no matter how temporary the feelings of euphoria is a fool’s errand. As a cataclysmic bomb peeks out from the doll’s brain cavity, contemplating the enigmatic question of what is the origin of such thoughts and ideas? How did such profound concepts come into existence? How did we, as beings, come to be? With its right eye shielded by a hand, the connection of rational thought is severed. The vastness of our ignorance contrasts starkly with our relentless pursuit of happiness resulting in a broken shell with only the remaining marking of ‘GHOST’ etched in morse code on its chest.

(Evident Mirror Series)

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