Evident Mirror - Series:

est. 2021


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"The future approaches with an expectation that machines may have a new place more intimately integrated amongst organic life."

- Ash Thorp


Evident Mirror Series (Cognitive stimulation)


"Ash Thorp has always been a designers' designer.  His Dystopian style and attention to detail have inspired artists of many disciplines and generations - making him a true leader in the design community and always one to watch.  He is not shy about breaking the mold and seems to do it with ease."

- Danny Yount

(2x Emmy award winning designer + director for film and tv)      


"Ash Thorp was a student of art and art history before embarking on a successful career as a digital designer in Hollywood. Noted for an exacting attention to detail, Thorp’s work produces a visceral sense of the craft involved even in a viewer that has never digitally rendered anything. A practiced videographer, Thorp’s designs are indistinguishable from the “real” world, with textures, light sources, and other seemingly imperceptible details offered with uncanny fidelity."

- Adam Levine

(President, Director, and CEO at the Toledo Museum of Art)


"Thorp's attention to detail in the 3D models is remarkable, and the level of intricacy and precision he infuses into his artworks is world-class. Each element, whether organic or architectural, is meticulously crafted with a keen eye for realism. The abundance of intricate details captivates the viewers, drawing them into Thorp’s world where the line between the physical and the digital is beautifully blurred. "


(Artist, Designer, Director)


"Ash is one of the rare creatives who has wholly dedicated his life to understanding himself through expression. Willing to spend decades in mental isolation, honing his craft, he's used brute force to explore the unknown"

- Anthony Scott Burns, aka Pilotpriest

(Filmmaker, Director, VFX Artist, Musician)


"Ash’s work has been one the most very bright lights over the last decade in the digital art space. His constant exploration and reinvention have inspired a generation of digital natives.  When Ash puts his mind to something - fascinating novelty ensues. Always working, always creating."

-Raoul Marks                                                       

(2x Emmy award winning artist, animator)

Evident Mirror - Creative Process 

est. 2021


"Ash's ability to transform a concept into an engaging, thought-provoking work of art is not just remarkable; it's a testament to his visionary approach. As a friend and an admirer, it's a privilege to reflect on Ash's extraordinary influence in the world of design and artistry."

-Maciej Kuciara                                                       

(Director, artist and co-founder of shibuya.xyz)

Evident Mirror:

est. 2021

"As artificial intelligent machines become cognizant and develop deeper human characteristics, this work is a foreshadow to humankind’s existence without our unique distinguishing traits and pursuit of passion"

- Ash Thorp


Evident Mirror Series (Cognitive stimulation)

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