"Art is my relationship to the world.  It is a device I use to help me explore the many questions I have about our existence."

- Ash Thorp



Artwork Series 

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est. 2022

"Nascent alludes to the beginning of existence with signs of future potential. This series is a visual representation of the journey of our evolution. It largely expresses my individual attempt to understand the core of our existence and the impact of human connection."

- Ash Thorp


Nascent / (Cognitive stimulation)

Lost Boy:

est. 2021

"Lostboy is an ambitious sci-fi Concept heavily influenced by the American + Japanese iconic cinema.  Year unknown.  Population Zero.  Welcome to Lost Boy."

- Ash Thorp


Lost Boy / (Cognitive stimulation)

Evident Mirror:

est. 2021

"Art is a vessel allowing infinite explorations of my curiosities.  Evident Mirror explores my fascination with human evolution and our possible transformation into advanced versions of what we are to become."

- Ash Thorp


Evident Mirror / (Cognitive stimulation)

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